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What is BMI Index?

BMI Calculator For Women - BMI Calculator For MenBMI or Body Mass Index shows the relation between body weight and height. Still, it does not take into account the individual’s physique, so its use is limited Overweight or obesity can be assessed using BMI index, but only roughly. BMI Index can illustrate the percentage of body fat compared to muscle or bone mass – what are the main criteria for assessing whether a person has a thick or thin. Individuals with high body mass and high Body Mass Index may not be automatically categorized as overweight. For example, the bodybuilders and large built people have the proportion of muscle and bone mass relative to height very high, but it does not mean they are thick. Therefore, BMI index may not be exact criterion for the assessment or health or obesity, but is used as a good statistical measure of nutritional status.

Body Mass Index For Women And Man

Body mass index or BMI index is a calculation value which is used for comparison and analysis of the impact of weight on health, in relation to body height. BMI index and this way of comparasion of the weight worked out by the Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet for “social physics” research purposes in mid-19 century – which is why the BMI index is often referred to as Quetelet index.

Body mass index or BMI index is calculated using the following formula: BMI = (weight * 703) / height2.

It is intended for the average adult between the ages of 20-65, so there is no difference between “BMI Calculator For Women” and “BMI Calculator For Men“. This calculator can be used both to calculate “body mass index for women” as well as “body mass index for men”.

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